Could Those Elaborate Game Of Thrones Cloaks Really Be Crafted From An IKEA Rug?

(AOTN) We have found ourselves more than impressed with the special effects featured in the HBO dram series “Game Of Thrones”. We are especially reeling from last weeks amazing episode “Spoils Of War”, where the crew appeared to spare no expense in creating one of, if not, the most epic battle sequence in the history of the series.

We probably feel this way because we finally got to see those darn dragons in action, but either way it was a battle that fans of the series have been holding out to see for quite a long time. It is fascinating to think about what went on behind the scenes to create many of these incredible visuals, however sometimes certain aspects can take us by surprise as well.

Fans of “Game Of Thrones” have surely also been impressed by the shows elaborate costuming, especially those elaborate cloaks worn by not only by the Starks in the north, but also the Wildlings and other characters as well. What you may be surprised to learn is that those particular garments may not be exactly what they seem.

According “Game Of Thrones” costume designer Michele Clapton, many of the cloaks featured in the series are actually crafted using simple IKEA carpets. Seriously!

When speaking at the Getty Museum in Los Angels, California, Clapton said, “These capes are actually IKEA rugs. It’s a bit of a truth. We take anything we can. We cut, shave them, add strong leather straps and then breakdown, which is like a religion on Game of Thrones.

I want the audience to almost smell the costumes. Here they were waxed and frosted so they belonged to the landscape.”

Well, they definitely succeeded and the incredibly talented costuming department have managed to take those simple IKEA rugs and craft them into something that looks visually stunning. It is amazing what creativity can do! There you go, cosplayers!  Never underestimate IKEA in a pinch!

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