“Breaking Bad” Spin-off

(PCM) Fans of the hit series Breaking Bad, are undoubtedly anxious for the series finale, which is now only 2 episodes away! And as we get closer to the date, the realization that it will not be returning is setting in. ‘but it looks like fans won’t have to say good-bye to everyone, atleast not quite yet.

AMC has announced they will be moving forward with a spin-off of the hit series, tentatively titled Better Call Saul, and will focus on everyones favorite corrupt small town lawyer, Saul Goodman. According to AMC the show will actually be a prequel to Breaking Bad (just in case any of you though this meant Saul will make it safe till the end) and will have no effect on critically acclaimed show or its outcome.

Although there are still not to many details about the project, it is safe to say it will be quite a change of pace compared to Breaking Bad, and be much more of a dark comedy. That seems like a drastic change for Vince Gilligan and crew, but clearly AMC has the faith they can pull it off.

Check back soon for more details surrounding Breaking Bad and the “hope to see soon” comedy, Better Call Saul.

“Breaking Bad” Spin-off also appeard on Television News.