Ben Affleck Confirmed as the Next Batman

ben-affleck-oscars(PCM) Ever since the world found out about the Man of Steel sequel will introduce a new Batman, debates on the decision and potential casting choices have flooded the net. Many fans have been holding out hope that the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy would some how be incorporated in the next phase of Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ shared movie universe. This includes a very heated debate over the portrayal of Batman, with many fans hoping to See Christian Bale once again reprise the role. But is has been made abundantly clear that Nolan nor Bale will be returning, leaving the world in need of a new actor to step into the iconic cape and cowl.

Variety has now confirmed the next actor who to play Batman… and it’s Ben Affleck (Argo, The Town) . Warner Bros officially announced Affleck will stand alongside (and presumably against) Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the Superman Sequel, tentatively titled Superman vs. Batman.


We also now have an official release date for the film, hitting the big screen July 17th, 2015. Check back soon for more news and info about the film. You can also follow me on twitter @mcagoon