Exclusive Interview With Actor Ernie Hudson

(AOTN) We recently had a chance to catch up with one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, the legendary Ernie Hudson. We spoke about a variety of different topics including his current projects “APB” on FOX, which has unfortunately been cancelled,  “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix, and the EPIX drama “Graves”, as well as, the type more »

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Sammy Hagar Says “I Have Finally Made It” After Appearing On The Simpsons

(PCM) A true renaissance man, rocker Sammy Hagar has just about done it all! He has been inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, enjoyed the success of several number one albums, taken home Grammy awards, had a New York Times best-selling book, owns 10 restaurants and two spirit companies and of course graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine! Is there anything that this man hasn’t accomplished? Now, Hagar can add the honor of being featured in a episode of The Simpsons to his list of career accomplishments. Hagar played himself in the recent episode titled “Covercraft” where Homer decides to take up the bass guitar and forms a cover band with some of the other dads in town, but their modest early success is soon overwhelmed by the breakout potential of their most unlikely star, Apu. We had a chance to catch up with Sammy Hagar to discuss The Simpson, his holiday plans which include a free New Year’s Eve show at his Cabo Wabo Cantina in Los Cabos, Mexico and more! Hagar is a fairly active social media user, so we were curious about this thoughts on the fan reaction from this appearance on The Simpsons. … Continue reading

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Halloween Tales From Sleepy Hollow’s Neil Jackson

(PCM) Just in time for Halloween, is British actor Neil Jackson, talking about a modern take on a classic piece of literature – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Neil Jackson has appeared in the films Quantum of Solace, Alexander, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Push, and numerous TV series. He has a double bill on the Fox TV Series Sleepy Hollow. In the modern-day version, Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the nation’s founding fathers. This is the tale of an unsuspecting modern-day Ichabod Crane, who was thrust through time and focuses on a lean, lanky and extremely superstitious schoolmaster from Connecticut, who competes with Abraham “Brom Bones” Van Brunt, the town rowdy, to marry 18-year-old Katrina Van Tassel, the beautiful daughter and sole child of a wealthy farmer. Jackson currently plays the characters of Abraham Van Brunt and the Headless Horsemen, who embarked on a murderous rampage in present-day Sleepy Hollow, and this was just the first of many horrors to seep into the town. Suspending some disbelief and with some camera magic and trickery, some … Continue reading

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Courtney Love Joins FOX’s “Empire”

(FOX) Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee Courtney Love (“The People vs. Larry Flynt”) will be featured in FOX’s sexy, new drama “Empire” as a recurring guest star. Love will play Elle Dallas, a hard rock powerhouse, who is part of Empire Entertainment’s stable of artists. Other guest stars to be featured on the series include supermodel Naomi Campbell, Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. (“Jerry Maguire”), Academy Award nominee Gabourey Sidibe (“American Horror Story,” “Precious”), Derek Luke (“The Americans”) and Judd Nelson (“The Breakfast Club”). “Empire” is slated to premiere January 2015 on FOX. Love’s band, Hole, achieved multi-platinum success in 1994 with its critically acclaimed second album, “Live Through This.” Love also has pursued a career in acting, appearing in a number of films and television series, including “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” for which she received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama; “Man on the Moon”; and most recently, “Sons of Anarchy.” For More Information about “Empire”, Please Visit www.fox.com/empire

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Gotham Gets A Full Season Order! We Spoke With The Cast Of FOX’s Breakout Series At NYCC

(PCM) The news has just been revealed that the FOX breakout series “Gotham” has received an order for six additional episodes giving them a full season order for the series. “Gotham” has without a doubt become one of the most buzzed about new series for the fall season. The show is an origin story of the great DC Comics Super-Villains and vigilantes, revealing an entirely new chapter that has never been told. From executive producer/writer Bruno Heller (“The Mentalist,” “Rome”), “Gotham” follows one cop’s rise through a dangerously corrupt city teetering between good and evil, and chronicles the birth of one of the most popular super heroes of our time. The entirely new, untold chapter stars Ben McKenzie (“Southland,” “The O.C.”), Donal Logue (“Vikings,” “Sons of Anarchy”) and Jada Pinkett Smith (“Hawthorne,” “Collateral”). We had a chance to catch up with several cast members from “Gotham” while out at the recent New York Comic Con to discuss the series. Actor Robin Lord Taylor who play Oswald Cobblepot better known as The Penguin, on the series spoke to us about his character revealing that never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would be cast in the role. He said … Continue reading

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Actor Kevin Bacon Talks New Season Of The Following At NYCC

(PCM) The hit FOX series “The Following” had a big presence at this year’s New York Comic Con. Cast members Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore and executive producer Marcos Siega were on-hand for the convention and revealed brand-new, never-before seen footage of the upcoming third season much to the delight of fans. We had a chance to catch up with Kevin Bacon, who plays Ryan Hardy on the show to discuss his characters progression and the entertainment industry overall. Bacon tells us that Ryan is in a much happier place, saying “the biggest difference between season one and season two is being in a happier place and being able to shake off this Joe Carroll obsession, as he was only pretending to be over it … he was wearing a mask. This year he is really trying and open to the idea of letting lovers, family and friends into his heart. He jokingly adds “In the pilot you will see more teeth from me than you ever have seen because I’m smiling, and laughing and dancing … but of course it doesn’t last very long.” When speaking about the growth and development of his character, Bacon reveals “I wanted to play … Continue reading

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Comic Book Writers Take Sides in Marvel Fox War

Marvel at war with Fox

Chris Claremont on the record, “No New X-Men”

(PCM) Did you know Marvel is at war with Fox? Sure it is. You just haven’t been paying attention or don’t read comics. When it comes to superheroes on film, Marvel screwed up. That’s putting it in politically correct words.

Years ago, before Superheroes were a big money maker on the big screen Marvel sold its soul, but they didn’t realize it.

In the mid 1990’s Marvel made both the smartest and dumbest move it could have in taking its properties to the big screen. They carved up the Marvel superhero universe and sold the ‘rights’ to specific franchises to various studios. For instance Spider-Man’s rights for his cinematic universe were sold to Sony.  Fox was sold X-men (mutants), Daredevil, and The Fantastic Four among others.

Since the time Marvel sold those franchise film rights it’s built it’s own Marvel Studios (parent … Read more

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David Tennant Talks FOX’s “Gracepoint”, “Broadchurch” And More!

(PCM) Words can’t even describe how excited I was to check out “Gracepoint”, the new 10 part mysterious mini-series set to debut on FOX this October. I sat down and binge-watched the first seven episodes and without a doubt I am hooked. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this will all play out and eventually reach it’s conclusion. The series is heavily influenced by the U.K. television series “Broadchurch” and oddly enough both “Broadchurch” and “Gracepoint” star actor David Tennant. For his role in “Broadchurch” Tennant portrays detective Alex Hardy who teams up with local detective Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) and in “Gracepoint” Tennant takes on the role of detective Emmett Carver opposite local detective Ellie Miller played by actress Anna Gunn. While both series have a type of murder mystery as the central plot line there are many other differences between the two that can certainly make “Gracepoint” have its’ own unique viewing experience for fans of “Broadchurch”. I was recently able to catch up with David Tennant to discuss his role in “Gracepoint”, the similarities and difference between both “Gracepoint” and “Broadchurch” and so much more! To start off, we were sure … Continue reading

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Gotham on Fox – First Episode Review – No Spoilers

(PCM) DC has been incessantly getting it wrong convoluting their universes. Just look at the *New52 in print. Fans are appalled that DC won’t revert to the original origins. Then you have the film Green Lantern, and reboots of Superman. Only Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy made for a great superhero franchise while still not staying true to canon. It’s frustrating to those that read comics and know the original backstories. Yes, print and cinema are uniquely different but then we get 5 shows all part of the same TV universe that don’t connect (except Arrow and Flash – different timeline saves DC on this one) which will confuse the casual DC viewer. Now DC is offering the ultimate backstory. The youth of Bruce Wayne and the rise of Commissioner James Gordon. I was surprisingly impressed with this first Gotham episode. Batman’s world is hallowed ground, I hope respect to timelines of supporting characters is honestly respected. DC has gold if they want it. Marvel’s shared universe is split by licensing snafu’s. DC rebooted with a crap *New52. So much lost respect for DC by fan faithful can be regained if they ‘begin’ to get their house in order with … Continue reading

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Actor Ben McKenzie Discusses FOX’s Gotham

(PCM) We certainly hope that everyone tuned in to enjoy the premiere on “Gotham” last night on FOX. When we first heard the news that FOX was putting together a Batman prequel story, our curiosity was peaked as to just how they were going to make it work. In the series premiere “Gotham” wasted no time getting straight into the action and shedding some light into the seedy underground world of Batman’s beloved Gotham City. The premiere did a fantastic job of putting certain characters into to place and we can already sense that the story-line will follow somewhat closely to that of The Dark Knight. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with series star Ben McKenzie to discuss his role of detective James Gordon, a character who is desperately trying to clean up some of the violence and corruption that has taken over Gotham City. McKenzie revealed that it was both the opportunity to work with series creator Bruno Heller and the excitement of being part of a mythology that has been around for 75 years that attracted him to the role. We were curious as to how McKenzie would compare being a law officer in Gotham City … Continue reading

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