Porn Film Industry Pulls Out of Los Angeles

(PCM) Last November, Los Angeles County voted to make condom use mandatory when making porn videos. In a typical year, about 500 adult film application permits are requested and only two as of late April 2013. Of course ‘amateur’ porn isn’t licensed or regulated, but the professional stars, as an industry, were against ‘Measure B’ which outlawed direct genital contact. Porn performers have regular monthly testing, and are concerned that consumers won’t buy porn featuring condoms, and that the law will eventually force adult video underground, where actors will be even less safe. In March, The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) accused Immoral Productions of violating the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry ordinance, passed by LA County lawmakers after voters backed the move in a November referendum. The filmmaker had not posted signs on set to tell actors that condoms were required, and some video proof was found online. There is currently legislation being planned to outlaw any filming without condoms in the entire state of California. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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