Box Office Roundup: ‘It’ Slips Past ‘American Made’

The Tom Cruise led American Made was expected to take the top spot at the weekend box office, but things were far closer than anyone expected. In a close three-way race, It was able sneak past both American Made and last weekends champ Kingsman: The Golden Circle. While the final numbers may not come out until more »

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Box Office Roundup: ‘Kingsman’ Takes the Crown

After two weeks on top, Kingsman: The Golden Circle has topped the juggernaut hit IT.  While the Kingsman sequel earned enough to take the top spot, the film performed under expectations.  Kingsman: The Golden Circle brought in an estimated $39 million domestically in its opening weekend.  The original Kingsman earned $36.2 in its opening weekend domestically ($128.2 million in total more »

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Godzilla Film Review

Godzilla1The name Godzilla roars in the streets worldwide.  He is known from Japan to L.A., and even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  But, after appearing in more than 28 films for the Japanese production company Toho, and three American productions (one of which was the terrible 1998 Roland Emmerich version), Godzilla deserved the proper big-screen treatment.  Gareth Edwards has given fans a reason to cheer, as he has successfully brought everyone’s favorite daikaiju to the twenty-first century.  The technological advancements in cinema have allowed Godzilla to become more than a man in a suit and fully demonstrate the brute force and power of the one-and-only Godzilla. Director Gareth Edwards’ only other work was the 2010 small-budget hit Monsters, so he seemed like a risky yet fitting choice.  On a micro-budget, he was able to write and direct a film that much like Godzilla, featured a Read more

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