Known Prankster Shares A “Winning” Lottery Ticket With Homeless Man

Homeless-lottery1(PCM) This story has been generating a lot of buzz after a well-known prankster, by the name of Rahat gave a local homeless man in his area a “winning” lottery ticket.

Rahat opens the video by telling viewers that he recently took notice of a homeless man in a shopping center near his home and is planning to give him a “winning” lottery ticket. Little does the homeless man know, but the ticket is actually a “losing” lottery ticket and the store clerk was in on the prank.

Rahat approached the homeless man and says while he has no cash to give him, he does have the supposedly “winning” lottery ticket, but he doesn’t know how much he has won. He offers to take the man to the store so they can cash in the ticket together.

Once they reach the store, the homeless man turns in the ticket to the store clerk who says “Oh, my gosh! Guess what? You won $1,000 dollars!” The homeless man is shocked and after collecting the winnings he tries to share part of it with Rahat.

Rahat refuses to accept the money and says to the homeless man “That’s all yours man. You earned it. You won the lottery”.  The homeless man then breaks down into tears and embraces Rahat saying  “I’ve been doing this for a long time, a long time. And never, never had a friend or somebody do what you just did back there”.

It was truly a heart-breaking moment!  You can watch the video, which now has over 7 million views below:

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