Batman: Arkham Origins NYYC Coverage and Review

batman_arkham_there_is_choice_to_fight_vs_bosses(PCM) Two years after the release of  the critically acclaimed BatmanArkham City, we finally get a chance to return to Gotham and take control of the Caped Crusader once again in Batman: Arkham Origins. This third installment of the popular franchise is actually a prequel, taking place roughly 5 years before the events in Batman: Arkham Asylum. 

The game centers around a young and cocky Bruce Wayne who is still new to the vigilante lifestyle, and is meeting many of Gotham’s infamous villains for the first time. Although there might not be a significant change in gameplay controls or graphics, this is the first game in the franchise that does not include Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman, or Mark Hamill as the Joker. Check out what Roger Craig Smith (the new voice of Batman) and Troy Baker (voice of The Joker) have to say about voicing these iconic characters at New York Comic-Con 2013.

You can also check out the full written review, provided by Cosmos Gaming right here!

As we anxiously await the launch of the next generation consoles, studious continue to release games for the current platforms. Last month we saw record breaking numbers with the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 and this week a rare worldwide release of Batman: Arkham Origins. Do you think we will see revised versions of these games on the next-gen consoles?

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