Further Exploration Into The Liberating Side Of Being Together!

(PCM) As my fiancee, Mike, and I continue to explore the many ways that “The Liberating Side Of Being Together Challenge” from Durex is bringing us together as a couple, we are learning new things about one another each and every day.

As we take the time to explore each of the Flirting and Foreplay Sparks, provided as part of the challenge, we have learned that both trust and communication are the key to making any relationship a successful one. We are learning how to trust each other and be unafraid to delve into further exploration with one another both mentally and physically.

We have both read through the Sparks and are trying to incorporate at least a few of them everyday. Spark #1 suggests use small gestures to get the biggest payoff and Spark #3 urges us to add an element of surprise. I feel that these two especially go hand in hand, as Mike has surprised me quite a few times with small gestures such as flowers or bringing me home a coffee from my favorite local shop, and trust me, he certainly got his reward.


My next post will be focusing on more the ForeplaySparks and the ways in which “The Liberating Side Of Being Together Challenge” is helping Mike and I shed our inhibitions in the bedroom and #GetCloserGoFurther like never before!

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